Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me, Myself, and Giuliani

My mom is a democrat; my dad, independent; my boyfriend, a republican, so where does this leave me. I'm right in the middle, moderate, central, and I'm happy here. I don't vote based on Party preference or Party discrepancy, I vote based purely on facts, on the issue itself. This is why I am so fond of Rudy Giuliani, he is a republican, but socially he is not a strict constitutionalist. He looks at all aspects of an issue and then upholds what he believes, regardless of what his party expects. This has caused some problems as people speculate that he is not republican enough to be the republican party leader, but I very adamantly disagree. I feel he is that much stronger, able to stand behind his opinions and decisions even if it may cost him a few votes. I admire this man, and his ability to lead. I feel that Rudy Giuliani will make an amazing president, changing the world for the better. Yay for Rudy!

Unfruitful Attempts

It's dumb, but it's official, Republican John McCain has officially launched his 2008 campaign for president.

He is far behind New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads the Republican presidential field in public-opinion polls, already. Is it wise for him to continue running?? I think not!! Too old, too Bush-like, too passive, and too uncertain, McCain has no chance!

McCain squints to try to see Giuliani so far ahead of him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain is inappropriate!

I urge you all to read this short but interesting article.;_ylt=Agpo7u8RLkF4SzXXqdb3gDppu6cv

It talks about McCain’s inappropriate humor. He jokes about the War in Iraq, jokes about bomb devices. When asked to apologize he declines. "When I was in combat and tough situations we used humor all the time, and all I can say to Murtha and others is lighten up and get a life."

The article talks about how "McCain had a similar response last week to criticism of his joking rendition at a campaign appearance in South Carolina of the opening lyrics of the Beach Boys rock classic "Barbara Ann," calling the tune "Bomb Iran" and changing the words to "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway, ah ..."

To clear a few things up

You may have heard it, know it's untrue.

From FOX news:

"Washington woke up to morning headlines that Rudy Giuliani predicted a "new 9-11" if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2008. Barack Obama responded that Giuliani has "taken the politics of fear to a new low." John Edwards said Giuliani's comments were "divisive and plain wrong." And Hillary Clinton called it "political rhetoric" that would not lessen the threat of terrorism.

The problem is Giuliani never said what the headlines claimed. It all started with a story in The Politico newspaper, which contained not a single quote to support its lead and headline. But it got picked up elsewhere nonetheless.

What Giuliani actually did say is what he has been saying for weeks, that Democrats would play defense instead of offense in the War on Terror, the same approach tried back before 9/11.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Partial-birth abortions...not for rudy!


"HENNIKER, N.H. -- Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani defended his positions on a late-term abortion procedure and gun control Tuesday as he faced skeptical GOP voters who questioned his sincerity.

"I don't think there's an inconsistency," the former New York City mayor said of his long-standing support of abortion rights and his affirmation last week of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a ban on what critics call partial-birth abortion, a measure he opposed in the past."

And there isn't. Giuliani has made his opinions on the matter quite clear, and they have remained the same. The press keeps questioning him, because they feel that due to much controversy based on his Republican roots, that he should be changing his mind to get the GOP votes. However, like a good leader, he is staying strong to what he believes.
He does not favor abortions. He is pr0-choice. He is completely against partial-birth abortions.
Memorize this, it won't change.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clinton vs Giuliani

A short but sweet little excerpt for your reading pleasure:

"A new Quinnipiac University poll of critical swing states shows that if the 2008 election were held today, Rudy Giuliani would beat Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. That's a switch for Ohio, where Giuliani leads Clinton 46 percent to 41 percent. In March, Clinton led Giuliani, 46 percent to 43 percent, in Ohio. "

Not only is he leading the Republican's, he's leading the whole pack!!

A Look At The Polls



Giuliani 33%

McCain 22%

Thompson 17%

Romney 12%

Giuliani is STILL leading the pack! Way to go Rudy!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Get over it America... and move on!!

So this is my final statement on Giuliani's family life vs. the US.
I know many people who are outraged that employers are are checking facebook, and myspace pages before hiring them. Is this any different? It appears that they are getting mad because they feel that their personal lives won't effect their professional, and that the employers have no right, and shouldn't be basing their ground for hiring on such websites that have the potential employees personal information on it. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARDS?!?!

In filling out a college application you admit your grades, SAT scores, awards and experience's.
The dean oh Harvard is not going to do a background check to find out what happened on the night of your senior prom.
How many students drink underage, yet still get straight As?

The point I'm trying to make is that there is a seperation between personal life and professional. American lifestyles are based on promoting your attributes, and achievements, second chances, and being able to let loose and have fun in a comfortable environment. I feel as life American's are much quicker to judge than be judged. In a situation such as Giuliani's, where every skeleton is brought out of the closet, and every past issue re-evaluated, he is doing excellent. If his personal divorces are the primary attack from others, then he is pretty good off.
The public needs to quit being hypocritical, and realize that Giuliani is a brilliant man, more than capable of being president, and that his personal life should not even be a minor factor in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Donna Hanover- Wife #2 Donna Hanover

Rudy about Donna: "You know how there are certain bells people can ring of yours?" Giuliani told PEOPLE in 1994. "Donna rang every single one of mine." ... Recalls Hanover's friend Reese Schonfeld: "I would have bet it was one of the happier marriages I had ever known. If anything, he worshiped her more than she did him."
Source: People Weekly, May 29, 2000 page 50.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced Wednesday that he is seeking a separation agreement from his wife, actress Donna Hanover, possibly bringing to a close a tumultuous marriage that has been consistently buffeted by the rigors of public life and rumors of strife.

Giuliani and his wife Donna Hanover had been married for 16 years, another long marriage for Americans, yet things unfortunately came to an end. On the matter Giuliani stated that,
"For quite some time it's probably been apparent that Donna and I lead in many ways independent and separate lives." I personally do not see this as a sign or message that Giuliani is not fit to run the country. This is his personal life, and he's taking care of it on his own.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wife #1- Regina S. Peruggi

Rudy's first wife was Regina S. Peruggi, they were married on October 26, 1968, until 1982. Regina was a stand up woman, she was a drug abuse counselor, President of the Central Park Conservancy, president of several colleges in New York, and even named a New York State Senate Woman of Distinction.
The fact of the matter is, Rudy did well. They were married for quite some time, giving things a real go. As American's are familiar with, things don't always work out. So get off Rudy's back! The point is, they were a power couple, and made things work for longer than most Americans have been together. NOT THAT IT MATTERS! His personal life does not dictate who he will be in the Oval Office.


I know many speculate on how Rudy does not hold the family values that America feels it needs. In order to clear him from this attack, I have two things to say.
1. View this.... yeah, WHAT NOW, thats what I thought!

2. I was watching Scrubs the other night and heard a quote that I feel greatly embodies this whole controversy. (Please try to look past the fact that it came from Scrubs, and instead see it for what it is.)
A doctor was talking with a resident about the difference between professionalism and personal issues. He said "Do you think I'm a good teacher?" She says YES. Then he goes on to say, What if I told you that when I go home I love to put on a nice flowing dress, go out to Club FuFu, and show myself off. Would that make me any less of a teacher?
The answer is NO. Giuliani's personal life should not matter, whether good or bad, what stands strong is his accomplishments and his goals. He does what he says, is honest and trustworthy, and can actually make a difference. America in general divorces running rampant, so what if a presidential candidate is part of that. You can't make two people stay in love, you can't make them stay together for ulterior motives. This is his personal life people, it's not WHO he is! The public is getting so strung up on this issue that it's causing them to look past the issues that really matter. He was mayor when this divorce was going on, yet he managed to clean up the city of New York anyways, obviously it didn't effect his work ethic. He is able to separate the two, too bad Americans aren't as mature.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

“I Am Pro-Choice, but I Am Against Abortion”

I want to clarify Giuliani’s position on abortion, because this seems to be an issue that some individuals, like this reporter, have trouble understanding. Giuliani clearly states his position:

"I would vote to preserve the option for women. I think the better thing for America to do is to leave that choice to the woman because it affects her probably more than anyone else."

Sunday, March 18, 2007


According to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll Giuliani is beating McCain 59 percent to 34 percent.

America's Mayor vs. America's Grandpa

I have found a new best friend. I would love to share an excerpt with you from who shares in my opinion that McCain is not suitable to be president.

“John McCain, 70 and scarred, cannot deny his age. So he jokes about it. “I’m older than dirt, more scars than Frankenstein, but I learned a few things along the way,” quips the Republican presidential candidate, who tries to play down the ravages of time for the wisdom acquired over seven decades.

His body is battered from torture in Vietnam. The scar along his left cheek is a reminder of a different battle, with skin cancer. Yet, McCain packs his work days so tight that aides grouse. And the man who could be the oldest first-term president hiked the Grand Canyon from “rim to rim” last summer.

Despite McCain’s high-energy lifestyle, getting older begets questions about health. The four-term Arizona senator no doubt will have to prove to voters that he is physically and mentally up to the demanding job of president.

Flap knows that Senator McCain is too OLD to be President. The job is too demanding and stressful for a 70 year old man - irrespective of McCain’s past medical history.

Flap expects his President to be vigorous and alert to make the RIGHT decision.

McCain doesn’t make it.

And the American people feel the same way:

Still, an aging candidate troubles some voters.

Two recent surveys found that people are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who is older than 72 than they would a candidate who has been divorced twice and a candidate who is Mormon. Giuliani is on his third marriage; Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In Michigan, Jerry Roe, a Republican who is a former state GOP executive director, backed McCain in 2000 but supports Romney this time. “McCain’s too old,” Roe said recently.

“He looks tired. He looks like he’s dragging,” added Chip Felkel, a GOP strategist in South Carolina who says he is not aligned with a candidate.

McCain is attempting to counter health and age skeptics.

After two days of campaigning does McCain look vigorous?”

America’s Mayor: Qualified and Ready to “Learn From It”

It is respectable the way Giuliani makes decisions and values the ability to do so, even while this may be “unpopular”. As he states at the end of this video, our government is indecisive, which there is no excuse for. I know that I certainly want a president that is capable of making decisions and justifying them truthfully, instead of giving the false reasons that the American public has received in the past.

I certainly agree that Giuliani would change the Republican Party as well as the way our country is run for the better. Perhaps I believe and espouse these ideas to such an extent because I as well have mixed Party views. As I have discussed before, I am moderate, and in accordance with Rudy believe that Party stances should not dictate the outcome of a given issue. Giuliani is Republican, yet found to be somewhat socially liberal. This is where those who don’t favor Rudy attack. They say that he needs to make up his mind and either be a Republican or a Democrat and not both. What these people need to realize is that Giuliani is not confused. He doesn’t need to find himself, or decide to do things strictly one way or another. The world is not black and white, and neither are the answers to issues that befall upon society. He is capable of putting aside a title and looking into the issue to decide what would be the best possible solution. If someone has a problem with this, then maybe it’s time they had a reality check.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reliving The Past

Here is part of the article written on Rudy Giuliani from TIME magazine when he was Person of the Year, 2001.

“Tough and smart, sure. But who knew about Rudy's big heart? Here's how a very human man taught us superhuman courage. Sixteen hours had passed since the Twin Towers crumbled and fell, and people kept telling Rudy Giuliani to get some rest. The indomitable mayor of New York City had spent the day and night holding his town together. He arrived at the World Trade Center just after the second plane hit, watched human beings drop from the sky and--when the south tower imploded--nearly got trapped inside his makeshift command center near the site. Then he led a battered platoon of city officials, reporters and civilians north through the blizzard of ash and smoke, and a detective jimmied open the door to a firehouse so the mayor could revive his government there. Giuliani took to the airwaves to calm and reassure his people, made a few hundred rapid-fire decisions about the security and rescue operations, toured hospitals to comfort the families of the missing and made four more visits to the apocalyptic attack scene.”

Sometimes it takes a visit into one’s past to strengthen their future.

Monday, March 12, 2007

He said What?!?!?

Quotes and blunders by McCain (brought to you by
Believe it or not....

"On February 28, he compared leaders of the Religious Right to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and activist leader Rev. Al Sharpton. The following day he accused the Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Jerry Falwell of wielding “an evil influence” over the Republican Party. "

He "referring to lives lost in the Iraq war as “wasted,” instantly dissipating much of the goodwill he had built up among conservatives with his support of the war."

He announced that he was running for President on...ready for this?... the Letterman show. Odd choice since his target is republicans, yet "conservatives don’t adore Letterman."

These are but a few of his past slip-ups, with many more surely on the way. No wonder Giuliani is in the lead!

The Tortoise and the Hare

After the most recent polling, delivered these glorious results:
"Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the clear front-runner in the crowded GOP presidential field and has a substantial lead on the closest competition, according to a CNN poll released Monday. Giuliani is the preferred candidate for 34 percent of likely Republican voters, according to the poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corp. Giuliani has a double-digit lead over his nearest rival, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is the choice candidate for 18 percent of potential Republican voters, according to the poll, which had a sampling error of plus or minus 5 percent. Giuliani has made noticeable gains in the GOP race since late January, when he polled at 32 percent and McCain at 26 percent. McCain's support has slumped in the past few weeks and now sits at its lowest point in six months. His campaign, however, said the senator is happy with his role as underdog because it will allow him to surprise the front-runner, as he did during his campaign against President Bush in 2000, when he won the New Hampshire primary."
As Giuliani's lead takes off, I find it quite amusing that McCain must grasp wildly for any excuse or explanation he can. He assumes that, like in the tale of the tortoise and the hair, he will pull ahead and win at the very end. But wait a minute... wasn't it the hair who fell asleep and NOT the tortoise?

McCain is clearly on top of things.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

McCain is a Clone of Bush

My personal problem with John McCain is his soft, slow speech patterns and passive demeanor. He reminds me too much of President Bush, whom I would not consider my favorite person. I think America has been led by an idiot for long enough, and McCain would only further this streak. Giuliani has the type of strong personality which is needed in leading a nation successfully. I am not the only one who sees the hazardous similarities between McCain and Bush; published on is an article entitled “McCain is a Clone of Bush.”
“The John McCain presidency effectively began on January 10, 2007, when George W. Bush announced the deployment of five more combat brigades to Iraq. This escalation of an unpopular war ran counter to the advice of Bush’s senior military leadership, ignored the recommendations made by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, and sidestepped the objections of the Iraqi government it was ostensibly intended to assist. But the plan was nearly identical to what the Republican senior senator from Arizona, nearly alone among his Capitol Hill colleagues, had been advocating.” -Reason Magazine

Monday, March 5, 2007

Enter Antagonist: John McCain "The Straight-Talker"

Let me introduce you to Senator John Sidney McCain:

While McCain tries to play the image of a straight-talking reformer, his efforts are suppressed by his biggest adversary… himself. So then why, when he himself is his biggest hindrance, does he direct personal attacks on Giuliani? Because he is a little man (both literally and figuratively), who needs to pull others down to be seen and get ahead.

As reported, “McCain’s supporters are invisible at events like CPAC — but make no mistake, they make their influence felt. Two well-dressed young ladies came up to me and asked if I’d like some information on Rudy Giuliani. Their attire sticks out — most activists pushing candidates like Romney and Brownback are wearing t-shirts with stickers for their candidates. These girls are wearing no stickers for anyone. They gave me three articles. One, the Placa story. Two, the Political article on Rudy’s judges. And three, a D.C. Examiner piece insinuating Rudy is a draft dodger. Later on, placards start appearing touting the results of the S.C. straw poll in which McCain mysteriously gains 50 votes overnight.”

Is that the best you’ve got John? In Giuliani’s defense:

1. The Placa Story: Alan Placa, a priest, was an associate of Giuliani’s, who was accused of fondling a teenager. First of all, Placa was only accused, he was never found guilty. Secondly, this incident did not have anything to do with Giuliani; he was not involved in the least, and he should not have his name sullied for his professional relationship with Placa.

2. McCain uses Giuliani’s choice to elect strict constructionist judges like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito into the Supreme Court against him. This confuses me; McCain claims to be Republican, yet considers right wing judges to be a disadvantage?

3. Draft dodger? While Giuliani reported that he did not agree with Vietnam, that is not his reason for his deferment. At the time he was working as a clerk for a judge, who requested him to stay due to his good work and political potential, and it was he who gave him an occupational deferment. When it expired, Giuliani drew draft number 308, which was never called. Giuliani may have never gone to war, but he certainly didn’t dodge the draft. McCain should be proud to be a war veteran, instead he goes tattling like a 5yr old, that Rudy didn’t have to go to war, but he did; not fair. At age 70, McCain still needs to grow up.

McCain can stoop to personal attacks all he wants, for the only one who looks bad is he; especially while Giuliani’s publicly praising his running mates.

So the question is, is Senator John McCain really “worthy” and a “good man,” or is Rudy Giuliani just being honorable.

Listen, Learn and LOVE

I challenge you to watch these video clips from a Hannity and Colmes interview, and NOT fall in love with the brilliance, ideals, and goals of Rudy Giuliani.


Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Turned an immense deficit into a surplus. Reduced the average NYC 10,000 murders a year by 60-70%. Hates abortion, but respects the woman's right to choose. It's a bird, it's a plane,'s Rudy Giuliani!

Not positive of this claim? Continue watching PART TWO

He's a smart man, an honest man, and doesn't need to fight dirty.

Towards the end of this last clip he states that all his contestants are worthy, that they are "good men." But are they? Do they play fair? Or do they need to belittle the amazing Giuliani in order to gain votes? Let's ask John McCain

Monday, February 26, 2007

Who doesn't love dimples?

Take a good look at this refined, dignified, yet boyishly dimpled face. You will being seeing it quite a bit not only in 2008, when he runs for president, but further in the future as well, when he is president.

Alright, story time...
Who doesn't love a success story? A story of someone coming from nothing, to make it big for themselves; a journey of hard work, sweat and toil is always respected. Rockafeller did it, 2Pac did it, Walt Disney did it, and so did Giuliani, rising from working class and lower to become something and someone. Obama is not the only one in this race who showed strength and courage, working hard to rise to where they stand today; Giuliani did it, and he did it first. He was born to 1st generation American working class parents, and a father who had his own troubles. Rudy attended school, working his way up to graduate cum laude from the New York University School of Law. And that was just the beginning. So don't neglect the fact that Giuliani is a self-made man; and has been gaining experience ever since. He's a leader who came from the people to help the people. He worked hard and showed the world what can happen.

He's no turkey

I’ve heard amazing, inspirational people, real change agents are born on May 28th, to name a few are singer Kylie Minogue, playmate Leisa Sheridan, NBA superstar Jerry West, American Activist Jack Kevorkian, Ian Lancaster Fleming the author of James Bond, underground railway conductor Eliza Ann Gardner, George I the King of England, and of course, two of the more important names, Brianne Michelle Boyer, and Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani III.


Upon searching the World Wide Web for this man, one must not confuse him with the female wild turkey Giuliani, who has lived in Riverside Park, NYC, and ruled the Upper West Side since 2003. To clarify, the turkey was named after Mayor Giuliani and not visa versa. There is no foul/fowl commonality, only the fact that they ruled the city. I imagine Giuliani must have been ecstatic to learn they were naming a female turkey after him. What a way to go down in history!

So who is this man who has the boldness to run for President of the United States after only being a mayor, while most of the competition has experience as a governor or senator? The answer: a man who transformed New York City into the nation’s safest major city. He greatly reduced crime, cleaned up the city, and improved the quality of the city for the residents. He demonstrated astounding leadership during the attack on the World Trade Center crisis, thus resulting in him being named TIME’s 2001 Person of the Year, and knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. These are but a few of his many admirable accomplishments.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

beyond parties

Although I am moderate and my opinions are biased, I find it hard to understand why some people are so set in the ways of their given political party that they cannot fathom analyzing an issue by its terms, but rather by which party supports it. Of course I respect loyalty, but it is one thing to espouse ideas that are congruent with one's belief, and another completely to uphold any and every idea based upon its left wing, or right wing stance solely. I see political party suggestions as more of a guideline rather than a concrete tunnel. I believe in understanding an issue, and basing an opinion on the facts. That is why I favor Republican Giuliani, even though I myself am registered as a democrat. It is in looking at the past that I have gained respect for Giuliani, and the way he handled the 9/11 situation. He became the face and voice of reason, compassion and hope. He became the face the country turned to and listened to when our own president was absent. He was present at the tragic scene almost immediately, dawning a New York City Fire Department windbreaker and hat. He handled the crisis perfectly, with swift action and unwavering support for our country. He readily supplied information on a constant basis and instilled hope within Americans everywhere. During this traumatic event he became known as “America’s Mayor,” for it was he who the country relied upon.