Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me, Myself, and Giuliani

My mom is a democrat; my dad, independent; my boyfriend, a republican, so where does this leave me. I'm right in the middle, moderate, central, and I'm happy here. I don't vote based on Party preference or Party discrepancy, I vote based purely on facts, on the issue itself. This is why I am so fond of Rudy Giuliani, he is a republican, but socially he is not a strict constitutionalist. He looks at all aspects of an issue and then upholds what he believes, regardless of what his party expects. This has caused some problems as people speculate that he is not republican enough to be the republican party leader, but I very adamantly disagree. I feel he is that much stronger, able to stand behind his opinions and decisions even if it may cost him a few votes. I admire this man, and his ability to lead. I feel that Rudy Giuliani will make an amazing president, changing the world for the better. Yay for Rudy!

Unfruitful Attempts

It's dumb, but it's official, Republican John McCain has officially launched his 2008 campaign for president.

He is far behind New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads the Republican presidential field in public-opinion polls, already. Is it wise for him to continue running?? I think not!! Too old, too Bush-like, too passive, and too uncertain, McCain has no chance!

McCain squints to try to see Giuliani so far ahead of him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McCain is inappropriate!

I urge you all to read this short but interesting article.;_ylt=Agpo7u8RLkF4SzXXqdb3gDppu6cv

It talks about McCain’s inappropriate humor. He jokes about the War in Iraq, jokes about bomb devices. When asked to apologize he declines. "When I was in combat and tough situations we used humor all the time, and all I can say to Murtha and others is lighten up and get a life."

The article talks about how "McCain had a similar response last week to criticism of his joking rendition at a campaign appearance in South Carolina of the opening lyrics of the Beach Boys rock classic "Barbara Ann," calling the tune "Bomb Iran" and changing the words to "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway, ah ..."

To clear a few things up

You may have heard it, know it's untrue.

From FOX news:

"Washington woke up to morning headlines that Rudy Giuliani predicted a "new 9-11" if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2008. Barack Obama responded that Giuliani has "taken the politics of fear to a new low." John Edwards said Giuliani's comments were "divisive and plain wrong." And Hillary Clinton called it "political rhetoric" that would not lessen the threat of terrorism.

The problem is Giuliani never said what the headlines claimed. It all started with a story in The Politico newspaper, which contained not a single quote to support its lead and headline. But it got picked up elsewhere nonetheless.

What Giuliani actually did say is what he has been saying for weeks, that Democrats would play defense instead of offense in the War on Terror, the same approach tried back before 9/11.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Partial-birth abortions...not for rudy!


"HENNIKER, N.H. -- Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani defended his positions on a late-term abortion procedure and gun control Tuesday as he faced skeptical GOP voters who questioned his sincerity.

"I don't think there's an inconsistency," the former New York City mayor said of his long-standing support of abortion rights and his affirmation last week of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a ban on what critics call partial-birth abortion, a measure he opposed in the past."

And there isn't. Giuliani has made his opinions on the matter quite clear, and they have remained the same. The press keeps questioning him, because they feel that due to much controversy based on his Republican roots, that he should be changing his mind to get the GOP votes. However, like a good leader, he is staying strong to what he believes.
He does not favor abortions. He is pr0-choice. He is completely against partial-birth abortions.
Memorize this, it won't change.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clinton vs Giuliani

A short but sweet little excerpt for your reading pleasure:

"A new Quinnipiac University poll of critical swing states shows that if the 2008 election were held today, Rudy Giuliani would beat Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. That's a switch for Ohio, where Giuliani leads Clinton 46 percent to 41 percent. In March, Clinton led Giuliani, 46 percent to 43 percent, in Ohio. "

Not only is he leading the Republican's, he's leading the whole pack!!

A Look At The Polls



Giuliani 33%

McCain 22%

Thompson 17%

Romney 12%

Giuliani is STILL leading the pack! Way to go Rudy!!