Saturday, April 21, 2007

Donna Hanover- Wife #2 Donna Hanover

Rudy about Donna: "You know how there are certain bells people can ring of yours?" Giuliani told PEOPLE in 1994. "Donna rang every single one of mine." ... Recalls Hanover's friend Reese Schonfeld: "I would have bet it was one of the happier marriages I had ever known. If anything, he worshiped her more than she did him."
Source: People Weekly, May 29, 2000 page 50.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced Wednesday that he is seeking a separation agreement from his wife, actress Donna Hanover, possibly bringing to a close a tumultuous marriage that has been consistently buffeted by the rigors of public life and rumors of strife.

Giuliani and his wife Donna Hanover had been married for 16 years, another long marriage for Americans, yet things unfortunately came to an end. On the matter Giuliani stated that,
"For quite some time it's probably been apparent that Donna and I lead in many ways independent and separate lives." I personally do not see this as a sign or message that Giuliani is not fit to run the country. This is his personal life, and he's taking care of it on his own.

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