Friday, April 20, 2007


I know many speculate on how Rudy does not hold the family values that America feels it needs. In order to clear him from this attack, I have two things to say.
1. View this.... yeah, WHAT NOW, thats what I thought!

2. I was watching Scrubs the other night and heard a quote that I feel greatly embodies this whole controversy. (Please try to look past the fact that it came from Scrubs, and instead see it for what it is.)
A doctor was talking with a resident about the difference between professionalism and personal issues. He said "Do you think I'm a good teacher?" She says YES. Then he goes on to say, What if I told you that when I go home I love to put on a nice flowing dress, go out to Club FuFu, and show myself off. Would that make me any less of a teacher?
The answer is NO. Giuliani's personal life should not matter, whether good or bad, what stands strong is his accomplishments and his goals. He does what he says, is honest and trustworthy, and can actually make a difference. America in general divorces running rampant, so what if a presidential candidate is part of that. You can't make two people stay in love, you can't make them stay together for ulterior motives. This is his personal life people, it's not WHO he is! The public is getting so strung up on this issue that it's causing them to look past the issues that really matter. He was mayor when this divorce was going on, yet he managed to clean up the city of New York anyways, obviously it didn't effect his work ethic. He is able to separate the two, too bad Americans aren't as mature.

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