Saturday, April 21, 2007

Get over it America... and move on!!

So this is my final statement on Giuliani's family life vs. the US.
I know many people who are outraged that employers are are checking facebook, and myspace pages before hiring them. Is this any different? It appears that they are getting mad because they feel that their personal lives won't effect their professional, and that the employers have no right, and shouldn't be basing their ground for hiring on such websites that have the potential employees personal information on it. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARDS?!?!

In filling out a college application you admit your grades, SAT scores, awards and experience's.
The dean oh Harvard is not going to do a background check to find out what happened on the night of your senior prom.
How many students drink underage, yet still get straight As?

The point I'm trying to make is that there is a seperation between personal life and professional. American lifestyles are based on promoting your attributes, and achievements, second chances, and being able to let loose and have fun in a comfortable environment. I feel as life American's are much quicker to judge than be judged. In a situation such as Giuliani's, where every skeleton is brought out of the closet, and every past issue re-evaluated, he is doing excellent. If his personal divorces are the primary attack from others, then he is pretty good off.
The public needs to quit being hypocritical, and realize that Giuliani is a brilliant man, more than capable of being president, and that his personal life should not even be a minor factor in the 2008 presidential campaign.

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